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Northern Corridor - Employment Program

The objective of our Northern Corridor Program is to support increased Aboriginal workforce participation in alignment with government commitments made through the Urban/Off Reserve Corridor Skills Development Complement. 

The goal is to empower, support, encourage and provide a connection with others in the group, as well as with the support team at the Nawican Friendship Centre.  We have had over 25 participants complete this program and an 80% success rate. 

Steps To Success 


This program is to empower Indigenous women to find their strong voice by teaching basic knowledge and skills to overcome barriers, to address the cycle of abuse (mental, physical, and emotional), and to increase opportunities to obtain gainful employment. Throughout the program, participants take workshops on personal development and life skills, self-care, and job readiness which include confidence using Zoom and other videoconferencing apps, interviewing skills, and resume development. This program works to build self confidence and self esteem while developing a healthy foundation for long lasting friendships and support networks between participants.


To provide a holistic 8-session program to give young women and teen girls the skills and tools to support their mental health, self-esteem, job readiness, and healing journey.


All Nawican programs and services are dependent upon funding availability and security. As for all ongoing NFC services and registered support groups, clients will be enrolled in the program after initial assessment with the NFC Case Management Team. Priority is given to those who apply under the following criteria: adult women aged 19 and up, with priority space given to those who identify as Indigenous. Each program intake is limited to 6 participants. Participants are eligible for transportation services if needed.

For more information, please contact our Employment Coordinator