Cultural and Holistic Healing

Cultural & Wellness Programs

The opportunity for human connection and cultural healing is much needed by those who attend our Centres.  The workshops and the spaces we provide for  members of our community to connect with each other, learn about traditional healing, and participate in traditional arts, brings a sense of belonging and security to those who are often segregated, discriminated against and vulnerable.  These programs give a sense of hope and fellowship to those most in need, providing a safe space to practice traditional and cultural interests and join others who have a common desire to connect.

 We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to bring holistic healing to our clients. A few years ago we initiated a Senior’s Health & Diabetic Foot Care project; partnering with the Community Paramedic and a Registered Nurse to host a weekly Vital Statistics clinic and proper Diabetic Foot Care regimen.  This has been extremely well received and there is much gratitude from our clients utilizing these services as some have not had access in many years, if at all.

We have provided ongoing workshops on traditional crafting including moccasin, dreamcatcher and talking sticks, ensuring these traditional teachings are available to the entire community, again building relationships and bridging the gaps previously felt by the Urban Indigenous population from the community.  We have had huge response to increasing workshops on beading, drum making, and traditional regalia making which will bring even more appreciation for Indigenous Culture within the community