Family Wellness

  • Family Wellness program include existing programs that the Nawican has been offering as side projects to our main programs. These include food hampers, processing clothing and household donations, providing backpacks and school supplies as well as weekly school snacks, and offering space for supervised visitation for non-custodial parents.

The Family Wellness program will include all of the above, as well as more targeted programs and support groups. Program offerings will include:

  • Pregnancy support group (pregnancy testing, prenatal classes, parenting skills, hospital and feeding support, postpartum depression, infant CPR training, diaper changing, car seat safety, etc),
  • Parenting groups for mothers and fathers
  • 1 hour child minding to promote mother’s self-care, life skills workshops for teens and adults (with topics such as establishing healthy boundaries, consent and sexual health, drug and alcohol awareness, cultural healing, women empowerment, supporting children through school-aged years, suicide prevention, violence against women, LGBTQ2S+ issues, anti-bullying, and anti-racism)
  • Cultural planning support for non-Indigenous families who are raising Indigenous children, as well as intergenerational Indigenous knowledge sharing and cultural activities for families.

Food sovereignty is another outcome for the program, which will be built through family budgeting classes, meal preparation, gardening, foraging for local wild foods, and nutrition training. Families will receive a strong system of wrap-around care that we hope will result in long-term successful outcomes for multiple generations.